Alister Gray
Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant and the Founder of Mindful Talent
Mindful Talent and the Mindful Talent Coaching Academy

Alister Gray is an Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant and the Founder of Mindful Talent, a global coaching organisation that delivers coaching, talks, workshops and events to some of the world’s leading brands, infusing breathwork, neuroscience, intuition, meditation, mindfulness and psychology.

Alister is also the Co-Founder of the Mindful Talent Academy, a blended learning training platform that trains and develops coaches and senior leaders, helping them to transform their own lives and their organisations, whilst simultaneously developing skills & attributes to help those around them by increasing emotional intelligence, social intelligence and ability to connect authentically.

In his one-to-one coaching practise, Alister works with some of the greatest thought leaders in the world, specifically helping CEOs and Founders to thrive whilst growing and scaling their business.

Mindful Living Show Presentation

Saturday 16th March 2019

Time 16:00-16:30pm

"Insights versus Intellect: Can they Co-Exist?"

In this interactive talk and discussion, Alister explores the concept of Insights versus Intellect and whether the two can co-exist peacefully with one another.