Stressed, Sleepless & Anxious

We recently spoke to Dr Patrizia Collard, who is a psychotherapist, trainer and university lecturer.  She talks to us about how mindfulness and meditation can help with stress, anxiety and our general mental health.

More than half of the population are stressed, sleepless and angry a lot of the time.  
Maybe you know the feeling of being irritated, tired, tense, crying for no apparent reason and stretched to the limit by the demands of modern living?   

You may be self medicating (perhaps, drinking or eating more than usual).  ‘In my practice, I am certainly seeing more people than ever using private health insurance to finance treatment for stress disorders,’ confirms Dr Patrizia Collard, Senior Lecturer of the University of East London, and a psychotherapist who specialises in treating Stress by training clients in Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy. ‘Typically, they complain of sleep difficulties, general anxiety or anxiety focused on one area – for instance, flying, tube rides or meeting new people.'
‘I’m seeing a definite trend in more and more people coming to see me even under the age of 30. They have grown up in a highly competitive world which seems to promise a huge amount of success stories without acknowledging that very few of us make the right choice of career, partner or lifestyle on our first attempt.’  

MBCT offers you the opportunity to reconnect to 'being human and simply enjoying moments of life'. Learn to appreciate who you are rather than what you do. ‘After 28, we don’t produce as much growth hormone,’ says Dr Collard. ‘Your body is now a vintage model and self-care is essential. Otherwise, life becomes like trying to drive a car up hill in 4th gear. This includes eating healthily and taking time out for yourself to walk or do some mindful movement (yoga, Chi gong, Tai Chi, Pilates). Relearn to be in the ‘now’. The Body Scan, Meditating with focus on the Breath or on Sound and establishing ‘comfort zones’ where you can relax and switch off , are easy ways of reducing Stress and improving your Immune System.'

The more you learn to truly be and enjoy life, the more you will flourish and find peace.

If you would like to hear more, come to Patrizia's talk on
Friday 2nd June at 2pm.