Did you know that insomnia is the most common sleep complaint?  In any one year, 30% of us will have some difficulty sleeping, and 1/3 of that group will have a problem that continues.  

Not surprisingly, the number of prescription sleeping pills has increased by 430% in 11 years. Usually sleep issues are associated with levels of stress, whether this is from an overactive mind, an emotional trigger or a physical condition. Lack of sleep can lead to a catalogue of problems, both physical and mental, including fatigue, concentration problems, memory issues and depression.

Studies show that good sleep can help with our emotional and social well being, better psychological functioning and stronger coping skills. And the benefits of good sleep are not simply on our mental health, the best way of ageing gracefully, maintaining a healthy weight and benefitting from glowing skin and hair is by enjoying between 7 to 9 hours of good sleep every night. This is because overnight the body is able to repair itself and detoxify. Good sleep can help to reduce stress - when under stress the body produces the hormones cortisol and insulin, which triggers your body to store fat.

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"Each morning we are born again. 

What we do today is what matters most."



In this short video Anandi, The Sleep Guru, introduces you to working with the breath. 

If you would like to hear Anandi guide you through the causes and effects of sleep deprivation and use breath as a tool for health, vitality and sleep, come along to her presentation at The Mindful Living Show, on Saturday 3rd June at 2pm.  


Online Mindfulness Course

Be Mindful
We are proud to welcome leading mindfulness teachers, Ed Halliwell and Tessa Watt, who will both be speaking at The Mindful Living Show. Their secular approach to teaching mindfulness is both open but also very carefully considered. Together, they make learning mindfulness refreshingly simple and deeply personal. If you would like to hear their presentations at the show, book your tickets now. 
They offer mindfulness training that can help you reduce fatigue and rumination, as well as offering a host of other benefits.  The easy-to-follow course features 10 sessions, 12 practical assignments and 5 guided meditation audio downloads. Course completers have experienced a 25% decrease in rumination, 26% reduction of chronic fatigue and 33% improved sleep quality. If you would like to find out more about the course and the specific benefits it can offer you, visit the Mental Health foundation team at Stand B24 at The Mindful Living Show.



Founder of The Sleep Guru
Anandi struggled with insomnia for many years, until her life teacher, Yogi Vishvketu, introduced her to working with the breath. By using the breath in conjunction with an Ayurveda and a yogic lifestyle, she was able to pull herself out of the challenges of anxiety and insomnia and enjoy life without feeling constantly ill.
Anandi's goal is to save you the trouble of many years of searching for a sleep solution and guide you through the power of the Ayurveda to the return of deep profound sleep. If you would like to find out more, come along to Anandi's presentation at The Mindful Living Show, where she will show you how to use the breath as a tool for health, vitality and in particular sleep.  READ MORE.

Wake Up

Young Buddhists and non-Buddhists for a Healthy and Compassionate Society

Plum Village, a Mindfulness Practice Centre based in the South of France, hosts an active global community of young mindfulness practitioners.  

Wake Up is a community of young people aged 18-35; these young practitioners have been inspired by the teachings of Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hanh. Their premise is to practice mindfulness to improve their lives, bring about happiness in others and contribute to building a healthier, more compassionate society. 

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