We have a range of fantastic features that will inform, educate and inspire, allowing you to pick up tips from the experts, further your meditation practice and gain a greater understanding of how mindfulness can impact all areas of your life. 

The Main Stage offers group practice and meditation, discussion and teaching from the leading names in mindfulness, including Ruby Wax, Sharon Salzberg, Ed Halliwell and Vidyamala Burch. Learn skills and techniques from the masters.

Explore the science with leading neuroscientists, academics and speakers.  Study its impact on areas of our mental and physical well being such as depression, pain management and happiness. Bring the science to life.

The Mindful Living Theatre features experts examining a wide range of topics such as parenting, education, sport, creativity and nature.  Bringing Mindfulness to the everyday through the things we love to do.

The space to experience a range of new mindfulness activities. Learn new skills, pick up tips and give your confidence a boost by joining in our creative workshops. The perfect opportunity to try something new, from mindful drawing to beauty sessions!

The Teacher's Hangout is a unique space created in partnership with the Mental Health Foundation (BeMindful) for you to meet mindfulness instructors and practitioners, seek advice and consultation, ask questions about their practice and find a teacher near you.

Our Zen Market gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in mindfulness...reduce your stress, relax, reflect and appreciate natural beauty.  Take some time to experience a variety of products or services that will help to bring more mindfulness into your life.